Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ust Hashim Jasin never received a single sen

KANGAR: An opposition state assemblyman yesterday alleged that the state government had not paid his allowance and salary for the past seven months.

Hashim Jasin (Pas-Sanglang) said he had never received a single sen after the Election Court declared him as the assemblyman following a dispute on the outcome of the general election last year.

He also claimed he had not been paid a single sen in pension although he was the assemblyman for Sanglang for two terms before the last general election.

"It is impossible the state government could not pay the salary of a state assemblyman. Or did the state government wrongly pay my salary to the 'former' Sanglang assemblyman," he said at the state assembly yesterday.

The Election Commission had previously declared Barisan Nasional's Abdullah Hassan as the winner of the Sanglang seat. However, the court later found that there were discrepancies in the vote counting process and declared Hashim the winner.
Hashim also urged the Syariah Judiciary Department to be fair to women when dealing with polygamy.

Members of the house were also told that at present, there were four pig abattoirs in the state.

State Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Yip Sunn Onn said the four abattoirs were located in Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Pauh, Tokong Cina Pekan Pauh, Kubang Tiga and Kuala Perlis.

"A abattoir in Batu 14 Jalan Kaki Bukit was ordered to shutdown after failing to abide by the state government's specifications."

He was responding to a question from Hashim who had asked on the number and condition of pig abattoirs in the state.

Yip also said the state Veterinary Department was conducting stringent checks on abattoirs to ensure their cleanliness.

The assembly adjourned sine die.

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